All the other fun things to do in Ghana this December


15 December 2023

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Beyond the Parties and Concerts: All the other fun things to do in Ghana this December


Labadi Beach

Labadi Beach


As December unfolds its vibrant spirit across Ghana, it’s not just about the lively parties and exhilarating concerts. There are a myriad of experiences awaiting you beyond the nightlife and energetic party crowds. Let’s delve into soothing adventures and cultural treasures to explore this December in Ghana.




Elmina Castle

Elmina Castle


Cultural Immersion in Historic Sites

Ghana is home to  rich monuments of history, and December offers the perfect opportunity to delve into its cultural heritage. Explore iconic sites like Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, bearing witness to the profound stories of the transatlantic slave trade. Dive into the heart of Ghana’s history and gain insights into its past.









Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park


Nature’s Wonders: National Parks and Reserves

For nature enthusiasts, Ghana’s national parks and reserves beckon with their breathtaking beauty. Discover the lush landscapes and diverse wildlife at Mole National Park or Kakum National Park’s canopy walk. Embrace the serenity of nature while encountering Ghana’s fascinating biodiversity.






La Boma Beach


Beach Escapes and Coastal Charms

Ghana’s coastline offers a haven for relaxation and exploration. From the serene beaches of Busua and Kokrobite to the bustling fishing villages along the coast, there’s an abundance of coastal charm to explore. Engage in water sports, enjoy local delicacies, or simply bask in the sun-kissed shores.






Arts in Accra

Arts in Accra


Art and Crafts: Creativity Unleashed

Explore Ghana’s thriving arts scene by visiting galleries and workshops showcasing traditional crafts, contemporary art, and intricate beadwork. Engage with local artisans in Kumasi’s cultural centers or Accra’s artsy neighbourhoods to witness creativity in its purest form


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