A Guide to SIM Cards and Mobile Networks in Ghana


02 February 2024

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A Guide to SIM Cards and Mobile Networks in Ghana


Stay Connected On the Go: A Guide to SIM Cards and Mobile Networks in Ghana



Sim Cards

Sim Cards


In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected while travelling is a necessity. For those exploring the vibrant landscapes and rich culture of Ghana with ProTour Africa, ensuring seamless connectivity is key. Let’s delve into the realm of SIM cards and mobile networks to keep you connected on the go.


  1. Local SIM Cards for Global Explorers

When embarking on your journey with ProTour Africa, consider acquiring a local Ghanaian SIM card. This not only ensures cost-effective communication but also provides you with a local number, making it easier for fellow travellers and locals to reach you. Ghana boasts a robust mobile network infrastructure, with multiple providers offering reliable services. Major players include MTN, Vodafone, and AirtelTigo. ProTour can advise on choosing  a network that aligns with your travel itinerary to ensure a strong signal wherever your adventures take you. You can get a sim card at the airport when you arrive. 


  1. Top-Up Options for Convenience

Ghana’s mobile networks offer convenient top-up options, allowing you to recharge your phone with airtime or data effortlessly. ProTour Africa recommends keeping your balance topped up to avoid any interruptions in communication during your exploration of Ghana’s wonders.


  1. Data Plans Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you’re sharing your adventures on social media, navigating through new cities, or simply staying connected with loved ones, choosing the right data plan is crucial. Ghana’s mobile providers offer a variety of data packages, ensuring you have access to the internet based on your preferences and usage patterns.


  1. Mobile Money Services

Ghana has embraced mobile money services, providing a secure and efficient way to handle transactions. Explore options like MTN Mobile Money and Vodafone Cash for hassle-free payments and transfers, adding an extra layer of convenience to your travels.


  1. Connectivity Beyond Borders

For travelers planning to explore neighboring countries, inquire about roaming services with your chosen network. Some providers offer regional roaming plans, allowing you to stay connected even when crossing borders during your ProTour Africa experience.


ProTour Africa recommends:

  • Carrying a power bank to ensure your devices stay charged, especially in areas with intermittent power supply.
  • Exploring options for portable Wi-Fi devices provided by some hotels or renting pocket Wi-Fi devices for continuous connectivity.


Staying connected on the go is seamless with the right SIM card and mobile network. ProTour Africa encourages travellers to embrace the local connectivity options available, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable exploration of Ghana’s diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of your travel experience with ProTour Africa.



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