Homowo festival

The Ga is an ethnic group mainly found in Greater Accra Region of Ghana. They speak the Ga and Adangme. The people of Ga were led by several kings before finally settling in their current  destination in Accra, Ghana. The main places one can find them are Osu, La, Teshie, Tema and its environs. The […]


Kundum Festival

The Kundum festival is a festival celebrated by the Nzema people in the Western Region of Ghana. The main purpose of the festival celebration is to thank God for the abundance of food harvest period each year. The festival starts on the day the fruit of a certain palm tree become ripe. The Kundum festival […]


Bugum Chugu Festival

Bugum Chugu festival is a fire festival celebrated in the first month of the lunar year by the Dagombas in the northern region of Ghana. This festival is celebrated on the ninth month of the year, referring the month as the month of fire. During this festival, about 500,000 northerners attend together including those northerners […]