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Weekend Getaway-(Up to 8% Discount for Groups)

Enjoy a free Beauty Spa Treatment after your tour.

Hotspots include:

  • Aqua Safari Resort – $350 (single) 
  • Zaina Lodge – $975 (single) 
  • Peduase Lodge – $980 (single) and more!


Nature Tour -$130

Earn a cool free GHS 200 shopping voucher with this package.

Ghana’s Natural attractions are the suberb!

  • Aburi Botanical Garden
  • Sakumono Resource Reserve
  • Three – head- palm tree, Boti Falls & more!


Top Destinations

Cultural & Historical
  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Elmina Castle
  • Fort Prinzenstein
  • Grottos and Caves
  • Ussher fort
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Cape Coast Castle

Mountain Trek

Mount Afadjato The highest mountain in West Africa offers spectacular views of both Ghana and Togo from its...

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Explore the bush and forestland; discover remote villages as well as colonial style houses in the beautiful...

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Surfing In Sea

Kokrobite This is a very popular beach for  surfing in Ghana Accra. There are plenty of courses...

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Horse Riding

Accra Polo Club This club offers stables and care of privately owned horses and is run by...

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Ghana's vibrant City by shore

Greater Accra Region, the gateway to Ghana and home of our vibrant Capital City, is one of the most exciting and distinctive regions. Although the smallest region, it is the most densely populated, containing the two great metropolitan areas of Accra and Tema, the Country’s major industrial and commercial centres. Kotoka International Airport is located about 12km from the centre of the city.

Among the highlights of Accra are the National Museum, with its splendid display of exhibits that reflect the heritage of Ghana from prehistoric times to modern times, the National Theatre with its distinctive modern architecture, the Centre for National Culture, Independence Square, the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, the fishing port at James Town and Makola Market.

Cape Coast Castle

The Cape Coast Castle has served as the West African headquarters of the president of the Committee of Merchants; the seat of the British governor; and a school.

‘Cabo Corso,’ meaning ‘short cape’, is the name the Portuguese settled on for the local settlement within which its trade lodge was built in 1555. Its corruption to ‘Cape Coast’ is now the accepted name of the capital of the Central Region of Ghana. The Swedes, led by Krusenstjerna, however, were the initiators of the permanent structure presently known as Cape Coast Castle. They built a fort in 1653 and named it Carlousburg, after King Charles X of Sweden.

Rolling hills & Valleys, Volta

The most easterly region of Ghana, bordering on Togo, the Volta Region is an area of extraordinary scenic beauty. The rolling hills and valleys, rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, and lagoons, rivers and waterfall make for one of nature’s most attractive gift to Ghana.

This region is also dominated by the River Volta and Lake Volta, on its western flank. The lake is a source of power, and much of the water for the region; it is the water highway to the north, a great fishing lake as well as a popular recreational area.

Mother of All Regions

Northern Region has 13 of the 110 district of the country. Its goegraphical features are mostly low lying, except in the north eastern corner with the Gambaga escarpment and along the western corridor. The land is drained by the tributaries of the Volta Lake: Rivers Nasia, Daka, Oti, the Black and White Volta covering over a third of the whole land mass of the 70,390km big enough to swallow up other regions like Volta, Ashanti, Western and Greater Accra put together; call it the mother of all Regions!

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Accra is the capital of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park contains Nkrumah’s mausoleum and a museum charting his life. Makola Market is the city’s vast, colorful bazaar. Popular seafront spots Labadi Beach and Kokrobite Beach offer golden sand and high-energy nightlife.

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