Shopping for Ghanaian Souvenirs


04 August 2023

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Shopping for Ghanaian Souvenirs: The Perfect Gifts for Loved Ones Back Home


Locally made Shea Butter


Ghanaian Souvenirs: The Perfect Gifts for Loved Ones Home!

When traveling to Ghana, you’re bound to come across a treasure trove of unique and meaningful souvenirs. These handcrafted delights not only capture the essence of Ghana’s rich heritage but also make perfect gifts for your loved ones back home. We will explore three of the best presents you can bring from Ghana, ensuring that your friends and family experience a taste of this captivating country.



Ghanaian Souvenirs

Ghanaian Handicrafts: Ghana is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, with artisans producing intricate and beautiful handicrafts. These unique pieces make ideal gifts, adding a touch of Ghanaian artistry to your loved ones’ homes. From hand-carved wooden masks and sculptures to colorful woven baskets and vibrant batik textiles, the options are endless. Each item tells a story, reflecting Ghana’s cultural heritage and artistic traditions. These handicrafts are scattered across almost every buzzing street in the country, including Oxford Street, Osu. They can also be found at the Accra art centre. By gifting these handicrafts, you’re not only sharing a piece of Ghana but also supporting local artisans and their craft.





Kente Cloth

Kente Weaving

Kente Cloth: Kente cloth is an iconic Ghanaian fabric that has transcended borders and captured the imagination of people worldwide. Kente originates from Bonwire, town in the Ashanti Region and it is handwoven by skilled artisans, the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of Kente hold significant cultural and historical importance. Traditionally worn during special occasions and celebrations, Kente cloth symbolises wealth, prestige, and a deep connection to Ghanaian heritage. Presenting a Kente stole, scarf, or garment to loved ones abroad is like gifting them a piece of Ghana’s history and spirit. The unique patterns tell stories of courage, unity, and resilience, making Kente not just a fashion statement but a representation of cultural diversity and strength.



Shea Butter from Ghana

Shea Butter Products: For those seeking practical yet luxurious gifts, Ghana’s shea butter products are a perfect choice. The shea industry in Ghana is traditionally dominated by women particularly in the rural areas in Northern Ghana. Shea butter, derived from the nuts of the shea tree, has been a cherished beauty secret in West Africa for centuries. The shea tree occurs over almost the entire area of Northern Ghana, in Western Dagomba, Southern Mamprusi, Western Gonja, Lawra, Tumu, Wa and Nanumba with Eastern Gonja having the densest stands.It is celebrated for its moisturising, healing, and rejuvenating properties. Tourists can find a wide range of shea butter-based products, including body lotions, soaps, lip balms, and hair care items. Not only are these products rich in nourishing goodness, but they also support local communities, as shea butter production is often a significant source of income for rural women in Ghana.



These three presents not only connect loved ones across borders but also celebrate the beauty of Ghanaian traditions and the craftsmanship of its people. Even though these originate from different parts of Ghana, they can all be found in Accra without travelling miles to different regions in Ghana. So, whether it’s the beautiful handicrafts , the colours of Kente, or the nourishment of shea butter, the gifts from Ghana are an invitation to embrace the spirit of Africa and cherish the memories that last a lifetime.


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