Exploring the Vibrant Akwasidae Festival; the Heart of Asante Tradition




Ghana, a land that embraces history, culture, and diverse experiences, boasts a tapestry of captivating festivals. One of the most mesmerising celebrations is the Akwasidae Festival of the Asantes, a cherished tradition that unites locals and tourists in a spectacle of color, rhythm, and heritage.

Akwasidae Festival is celebrated on Sundays every six weeks in Ghana by the Ashanti people. The last Akwasidae of the year is called Adae Kese, with dates ranging between July and October. The term “Akwasidae” translates to “Sunday,” symbolising the recurring nature of the festival. It honours ancestral spirits, thanks the gods for the fruits of the earth, and celebrates the beginning of the new year. This period is a time of homage to the Asantehene (the Ashanti king), offering prayers for unity, prosperity, and tranquillity.

The Otumfour Osei Tutu II, Ruler of the Ashanti Kingdom 


The Akwasidae Festival unfolds like a visual symphony, with grand processions, resounding drum beats, and intricate traditional garb. As the sun bathes the Manhyia Royal Palace in its golden glow, the courtyard springs to life with dancers, musicians, and attendees adorned in Kente fabric, reflecting the essence of unity and heritage.

One thing set to catch your eye is the durbar of Chiefs and Royals: Witness the breathtaking gathering of dignitaries, chiefs, and royals, draped in majestic attire. This assembly pays homage to the Asantehene, embodying the oneness of the Ashanti people.


The cultural extravaganza will steal your heart. Immerse yourself in the entrancing rhythm of the drums and the graceful movements of dancers, retelling age-old tales. The vibrant performances resonate with the heartbeat of Ghanaian culture.

The Akwasidae Festival is more than a cultural pageant; it’s a passage to Asante’s soul. It encapsulates the nation’s enduring values, traditions, and unity. As you soak in the captivating ceremonies, resplendent attire, and genuine hospitality, you’ll cultivate a deep appreciation for Ghana’s bounteous heritage. Mark your calendar and immerse yourself in the enchantment of the Akwasidae Festival on your next expedition to this extraordinary realm.




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