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Volta Region
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  • Fort Prinzenstein

Location: Keta, Volta Region

Description: it is a fort used for slave trade in Ghana, built by the Danish traders in 1784 for defensive purpose in a war against the Anlo Ewe. Tourist gets the opportunity to learn about the history behind the fort establishment, the part of the fort used as a dungeon for slaves and many more.

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  • Grottos and Caves

In the limestone hills, the grottos and caves are dramatic. Not to be missed are:

  1.   The ancestral caves of Likpe which is located at about 14km from Hohoe.
  2.   The grottos of Kpando which is also located at Aghehoe and Aziavi
  3.   The caves of Nyagboand Logba
  4.   Caves and iron mine workings located at Alepafu

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