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Location: it is located in Ho capital of the Volta Region

Description: the museum building was used as the office of the Regional house of chiefs. The building was sold to the Ghana government in 1967 and the museum was opened in 1973. Tourist get to see the chair of the state of the last colonial German governor of the Volta Region, local paintings, woodcrafts and potter, Volta Region  Kente designs(locally made Ghanaian fabrics), masks, chiefs’ stools, swords, and display on Asante fetish shrines.

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  • Kalakpa Resource Reserve

Location: 100 km northeast of Ghana’s capital, Accra

Description: It is one of the last intact examples of Guinean bush savannah and an important part of the nation’s heritage. The reserve has great potential for tourism with its dramatic landscape of hills and plains, as well as good opportunities for wildlife viewing. Resident wildlife includes Buffalo, Kob, Oribi, Waterbuck, the Red River Hog and several types of monkeys, plus abundant species of birds and butterflies.

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