Volta Adventure

Volta Region
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  • Lake Volta Estuary

Location:  Lake Volta, Volta Region.

Description: the Lake Volta estuary is a very beautiful estuary which serves as a sauce of power for the Volta people, a great fishing place and a beautiful recreational area of relaxation, picnics and beaches spots shaded by palm trees.

  • Mount Afadjato

Location: Agumatsa ,Liati Wote village, Hohoe Municipal District, Volta Region,Ghana

Description: it’s a beautiful tourist site in the Volta Region and the highest mountain in Ghana, welcoming over thousands of visitors around the world. It takes 40mins-2hours to climb the mountain but depends on the individual.

  • Tafi Monkey Village

Location: Tafi Atome, Volta Region

Description: It is a forest and a habitat to over 700 Sacred Mona Monkeys population that live in a protection virgin forest which is in a ‘U’ shape form.

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  • Wli Falls

Location: 20km from Hohoe, Volta Region

Description: The Wli Falls is known to be the longest/highest water fall in West Africa. The fall is locally known as Agumatsa waterfalls, which simply means “Allow Me to Flow”.it is located approximately 280km from the capital city of Ghana, Accra.

  • Agumatsa Wild Life Sanctuary

Location: Agumatsa, Volta Region

Description: Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary offers visitors a chance to see large colony of bats, butterflies, birds, monkeys and baboons in the forest. There are also several caves, streams and other water falls in the area.

  • Tagbo Falls

Location:  Liate Wote, 27km east of the Township of Hohoe.

Description: Tagbo fall is a beautiful waterfall flowing from the Ghana-Togo mountain range. The water falls down in several stages with the last stage being about 60 meters high above the earth. It is a fall near Mount Afadjato and also the highest water fall in West Africa.

  • Tsatsadu Falls

Location: Alavanyo, 10km from Hohoe.

Description: it’s a beautiful water fall.

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