Northern Adventure

Northern Region
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  • Mole National Park                                                                                                  Location: Mole, Close to the Larabanga Township.                                               Description: The Mole National Park is one of Ghana’s largest wildlife Park which serve as a habitat to countless and multiple animals and plant types including elephants, buffalos, and many others.
  • Zaina Lodge

Location: Mole                                                                                                        

Description:  Zaina Lodge is a zoo and an award winning and luxury hotel known for offering unparalleled service and luxury accommodation in Ghana’s National Parks and wildlife destinations                                                   

  • The Larabanga Mystery Stone

Location: A few kilometers away from the Larabanga Mosque in the Larabanga Township.

Description: the Mystery Stone is another interesting tourist site in the Larabanga township: the Mystery behind the stone is that, the stone always moves back to its original resting place when it is been moved from its original place.

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  • Larabanga Mosque

Location: Larabanga township, Northern Region.

Description: it is a small Islamic Mosque which had its foundation naturally built with It’s style and architecture different from all other mosques in the world making it a leading tourist site in the northern region of Ghana.

  • Daboya Township

Location:  Daboya.

Description: Daboya is a very famous town in the Northern region of Ghana known for its consistent salt mining which is known as an important activity in the town till today. Daboya township is also known for its hand woven and unique textiles aside salt mining, There is also a white Volta River nearby that allows visitors to go for boat rides and fishing.

  • Mognori Eco Village

Location:  Mongori, 15km from Mole Ntaional Park, north of Larabanga.

Description: it is a village that provides homestay in traditional houses, guided village walk and canoe safari.

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