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  • Kakum National Park


Location: Cape Cost, Central Region

Description: The Kakum National Park was established in 1932. Kakum National Park is a home for lovers of nature. The Park is made up of mostly undisturbed virgin rainforest and is one of the famous national parks in Ghana. It protects plant and animal treasures of the African tropical forest. Trails provide self-guided day hiking opportunities where you may sight some of the over 200 bird species represented: the parrot, bee-eaters, blue plantain-eaters, hornbills, and kingfishers. The dense vegetation provides cover for globally endangered species such as the forest elephant and bongo – the largest forest antelope, as well as various types of monkeys.

The Canopy Walkway, suspended 30 meters above the ground, provides a treetop view of the beautiful forest.

Visitor centre facilities includes a Rainforest Café provides a relaxing location for visitors to enjoy a fine meal and refreshing drinks. A percentage of purchases made by visitors is used to support local farmers.

Afafranto Campsite is located 200 meters from the Kakum Visitors Centre. The Afafranto camp site is ideally for visitors wanting an easily accessible forest camping experience. Tourists who want to visit this site must bring along their own tents, mosquito nets and sleeping pads (which we will provide).

There is also a Sun Bird Trail for tourists with a special interest in birds now have a new trail.

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  • The Fishermen’s Market Elmina

Location: Elmina, Central Region

Description: This is a popular fishing sites where native fishermen fish and sell their produce. There are different varieties of fishes one will find at this market and some of them are; Eban (herring), Sukuei (thread fish), Epaei (Horse mackerel), Nkanfona (long-finned herring), Eduei (Barracuda), Wowoyan (Ribbon fish), Sesew (Shrimps) and Mpatoa (tilapia). If you want to try different seafoods, this is the best place to do so.

  • Ostrich farm efutu-mampong

Location: Efutu Mampong, Central Region

Destination: This is a great opportunity to see real life ostrich up close.The ostriches found there are some of the world’s largest living birds and are distinct for their very long necks and heavy eggs. One can walk right up to them, touch them, feed them leaves and even hold an ostrich egg.

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