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  • Sakumono Lagoon


Location: Sakumono, Tema

Description: Ghana is truly an amazing destination for bird watching with over 760 bird species .One can encounter the local bird life at a comfortable pace. The Sakumo Lagoon and the Sakumo Ramsar Site is a good site  to see many species despite its location in the front of the Gulf of Guinea.

  • Boti Falls

Location: Boti, Estern Region

Description: River Pawnpawn takes it source from Ahenkwa-Amalakpo before falling over an igneous rock outcrop at the Boti Langmase popularly known as Boti falls. The fall had been hidden in the forest and later discovered by a white catholic priest. The Boti falls is made up of the upper falls and the lower falls which the locals describe it as male and female.

There are two other attractions that are also available for site seeing ; the umbrella rock and the three –head- palm tree. These sites are some of the place that should be on your bucket list if you ever visit Ghana.

  • Legon Botanical Garden

Location: Agbogba Junction, Off the, Haatso-Atomic Rd, Accra

Description: This nature park provides visitors a series of adventurous outdoor activities. Some of the exciting activities include the canopy walkway, a high rope obstacle course and other traditional activities such as bird watching, fishing and biking. It also a great spot for family and group picnics.

  • Aburi Botanical Garden


Location: Aburi, Eastern Region

Description: This garden’s destination provides a cool mountainous weather for people who love the cool side of life. One of the beautiful sites is the captivative boulevard of palm trees. There are so many different species of plants to be seen and some of them include; Cedrela spp, Dillenia indica , Ficus leprieuri, , Murraya exotica and Naulea latifolia.

Lovers of Birds and butterflies also have the opportunity to explore the different species found at the garden. Other attractions at the garden are the Bush House, the Rock Garden, the Pergola or Lovers’ lane, the retired helicopter, the ficus tree and the horticulture school. There is also an amazing biking experience at the site.

  • Jamestown

Location: Accra

Description: Jamestown is vibrant community where one can observe the lifestyle of the average Jamestown resident. The colonial-era lighthouse, built in the 1930s provides a great view of the city and the busy and colourful fishing harbour. One can find several boxing gyms in Jamestown as it is known to produce some of the boxing champions from Ghana. The JamesTown Cafe which is a stylish architect-owned cafe, bar and music venue can be found just across the sea. There is also the ArchiAfrika gallery opposite, which showcases African architecture and design

  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

Location: John Evans Atta Mills High Street, Accra

Description: Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum is also known as the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. It is the last resting place of the first President of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. This museum is dedicated to him to honour his dedication in liberating Ghana, formally known as Gold Coast, from colonial rule.

The Museum houses the personal effects and publications of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah  and pictures showing his life history with some of the most famous people of his time.

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  • Artists Alliance Gallery

Location: La Rd, Accra

Description: The Artists Alliance Gallery was established by the Ghanaian artist Ablade Glover which has over the years become one of the most important of its kind in Ghana. There are three expansive floors of art displayed in cool marble galleries. Art works by established artists, such as Owusu Ankomah and George Hughes while others are by new and upcoming artists like Ebenezer Borlabie.  The art works are inspired by market, rural and urban scenes interspersed with political satires. There are also the shrouded figures and crowd scenes by Glover himself. Other art works like the Asafo flags with appliquéd and embroidered symbols, ancient strip-woven Kente cloths by the Akan and Ewe, African masks of the type that inspired Picasso and intricately carved furniture.

  • Osu Castle

Location: Osu, Accra

Description: The Osu Castle, also known as the Christiansborg Castle has been the first substantial fort built by Denmark-Norway in the 1660s, though the castle has changed hands between Denmark-Norway, Portugal, the Akwamu, Britain, and finally post-Independence Ghana, and was rebuilt numerous times. Currently, the Osu Castle is no longer the seat of government but an extension to the Jubilee House with the offices of some Ministers located at the castle, also most Commission of Inquiries carry out their duties from the castle.

  • Independence Square

Location: Osu-Accra

Description: Kwame Nkrumah commissioned the Independence Square, also known as Black Star Square, to honour the visit of Queen Elizabeth II. Independence Square is a vast, empty expanse of concrete overlooked by spectator stands which can seat about 30,000 people. The Independence Arch was an inspiration to other African countries vying for independence and the Flame of African Liberation. The roundabout before the square contains in the center, the Black Star Gate also known as the Black Star Monument which was built in 1961.

The vast area, built under Kwame Nkrumah, is designed for huge events and military marches and commercial events such as concerts and fashion shows, which take place throughout the year.

  • W.E.B DuBois Center

Location: Off 2nd Circular Road, Cantonments, Accra

Description: The center is named after William Edward Burghardt Du Bois who was an African-American civil rights activist and later became a citizen of Ghana in the 1960s. He is often known as the ‘Father of Pan-Africanism’. The centre is where he once lived with his wife and where they are now buried. It houses his personal library, a small museum with a handful of personal effects such as his graduation robes. The mausoleum is surrounded by Asante stools, a seminar room, a restaurant, a gallery, an amphitheater and a research centre for Pan-African history and culture.

  • National Theater

Location: South Liberia Road, Accra

Description: the National Theatre of Ghana was commissioned by the Government of Ghana and built in 1992. The construction of the National Theater was inspired by the rich Ghanaian Culture. The building has a complicated construction moulding and novel exterior features which make the whole structure look like a gigantic ship or a seagull spreading its wings when observed from afar.  Major festivals and programmes presented in collaboration with national and international communities and institutions, all of which included workshop for artists have been created and instituted at the theater over the past years.

Eastern Region

  • Atewa Forest

Location: Eastern Region

Description: Atewa Range Forest Reserve, in the eastern region of Ghana, is internationally recognized as one of the highest priority ecosystems in West Africa for its high species diversity, high levels of endemism and great hydrological importance. Atewa has amongst the highest diversity of butterflies of any site in West Africa. This large and spectacular blue diadem is one of the commoner species, found in humid forests across Africa.

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